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ACE Classic PvEACEPvE A PvE server that replicates the era of retail Feb 2005 Infiltration patch147.135.30.2249002
ACE Classic PvPACEPvP A PvP server that replicates the era of retail Feb 2005 Infiltration patch147.135.30.2249000
AChardACEPvP 57 ACE Retail PVP Server with Custom PK Content. Limit 4 Connections.a-chard.ddns.net9000
ACPrimeACEPvE A PvE 'no grinding' group of players.asheronscall.hopto.org9000
Asheron4Fun.comACEPvE4 8 End of Retail experience w/ custom content. 2x XP weekends. Max 4 accounts.www.asheron4fun.com9000
BartleSkeetHGACEPvE PvE, Retail Settings Mostly, Houses on every character, No official account limit, but will be reviewed.bartleskeethg.bartleskeet.com9000
ColdeveACEPvE 769 Retail
DARKSIDE-PKACEPvE Retail experience. 3x.daksidegaming.ddns.net9000
DekarutideACE-ClassicPvP2 23 ACE-Classic Dark Majesty era custom server, with new skills, techniques, tactics, endless hybrid template possibilities.
DerptideACEPvE3 33 Retail with many QoL improvements most quest rewards updated to be usable, and useful for the leading experience, ongoing story arcs and live
DoctideACEPvP3 276 Where all the PvP happens.doctide.online9000
DrunkenfellACEPvE 89 End-of-retail with modifications.df.drunkenfell.com9000
DuskfallACEPvE No Lvl Cap/Skill Cap/PvP-PvE/Custom Content/10x Xp/5x Lum/3x Drops.(2 Accounts at once limit)ac.duskfall.net9000
Fathomless RefugeACEPvE Permanent XP/Lum Bonus for questing, Unlimited Levels and Attributes, Cloak and Pet Tinkering, Magic only obtained via questing, Quest Reward updates, Offline XP Gains104.168.249.559000
FizzletideACEPvP Where all the PvP happensfizzletide.ddns.net9000
FrostcullACEPvE5 21 10x XP/Lum, 25x Drop Rate, No Level Cap, Custom Content, and More!frostcull.ddns.net9000
FrostfACEACEPvE New accounts include lvl 275 starter characters. Retail character restoration also supported.
FunkyTESTGDLPvE FunkyTown 2.0 Test Serverfunkytownac.com9055
FunkyTownGDLPvE Retail with a little bit of Funkyfunkytownac.com9050
FunkyTown 2.0GDLEPvE4 70 We have exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else! We offer a retail experience with something new to do. "Funky Island". PvE and PvP welcome. WE LOVE AC!funkytownac.com9050
FunkyTown PKGDLPvP Retail with a little bit of Funky. PVP ONLY. Not moderated, No Warranties, No Refunds.funkytownac.com9059
GDLE TestGDL Test server for Reefcull and Harvestbud servers. Only online for testing purposes.test.gdleac.com9050
HarvestbudGDLEPvE3 39 Retail experience. Max. 3 accounts.harvestbud.gdleac.com9000
HarvestpainACEPvE A PVE ACE server with a End of Retail experience. 5 account limit with botting allowed.harvestpain.duckdns.org9000
HightideGDLEPvP PvP Testing grounds.
Infinite FrosthavenACEPvE 78 Active play rewarded! Earn permanent account-wide increased XP% from completing quests. No level cap. Magic learned from looted scrolls only. Custom content.ifh.ddns.net9000
InfiniteACACEPvE1 Single Account - 5x XP - 2X Mob Dmg - Custom Enlightenment System158.69.123.1119000
JellocullACEPvE Retail experience w/ progressive custom content. 1x
KilliaktaACEPvE2 PvE (nearly) infinite level server offering end of retail as well as custom content to include new land masses not seen ingame (even a PKL only landmass), updates to add viability to nostalgic quests, and more!killiakta.ddns.net9000
LeafDawnACEPvE 29 Retail experience with light focus on custom content.leafdawn.hopto.org9000
LevistrasACEPvE2 25 Retail experience. Max. 2 accounts. No botting.levistras.acportalstorm.com9000
ModclaimACEPvE A PVE AC Server evolving to provide a end of retail experience running ACEmulator with addition of "persistent arrows".ngc1069.dynamic-dns.net9000
MorgentauACEPvE6 PvE. Retail experience. Max. 6 connections.morgentau.online9000
MorntideACEPvE3 5 PvE. Retail experience. Max. 3 accounts.morntide.shard.ac9000
PodtideACEPvP4 Where the PvP happenspodtide.ddns.net9000
PourtideACEPvP2 PvP Server. Custom Content but mainly focusing on PvP Aspects. Hellgates currently active on this server. Max level 126 may change in the future. Only majors.pourtide.ddns.net9000
ReefcullGDLEPvE 357 Retail experience.reefcull.gdleac.com9000
SeedsowGDLE-ClassicPvE 18 We are a Release-Dark Majesty based server which means that you will find dungeons that were once re-tiered restored to there former glory!serafino.ddns.net9060
ShadowlandACEPvE 3 PvE Retail. Standard settings. No max on accounts.shadowland.zapto.org9000
SnowreapGDLE-ClassicPvP We are a RED Release-Dark Majesty based server which means that you will find dungeons that were once re-tiered restored to there former glory!serafino.ddns.net9070
ThistlecrownACEPvE 28 Retail experience with convenience changes.thistlecrown.ddns.net9000
ValHeelACEPvE2 10 PvE. Post End-of-Retail content. Level 300 Cap.
WynterhavenACEPvE Custom content server with high level areas and conveniences.
WynterthawACEPvE3 Custom content created for lower and post 275 life. Entire new island for 275+.

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