1st Moonsday, 
Week & Weekday  
Harvestgain 4, 
Month & Day  
PY 34

Current Dereth Time

Evensong, 1st Moonsday, Harvestgain 4, PY 34

Notable Dates

Asheron's Call launches November 2nd, 1999 1st Starday, Leafcull 2, PY 10
Bael'Zharon freed from his crystal prison November 19th, 2000 4th Firstday, Leafcull 19, PY 11
The mad Empyrean Gaerlan defeats Candeth Martine September 18th, 2002 3rd Freeday, Thistledown 18, PY 13
Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty launches October 10th, 2002 2nd Earthday, Harvestgain 9, PY 13
Isparians drive back the Ancient Olthoi Queen August 10th, 2003 2nd Earthday, Verdantine 9, PY 14
Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny launches July 18th, 2005 3rd Elderday, Leafdawning 17, PY 16
Asheron's Call shuts down 12:00pm EST, January 31st, 2017 Midsong, 5th Freeday, Snowreap 30, PY 28

Calendar Details


Name Hour
Darktide 1
Darktide-and-Half 2
Foredawn 3
Foredawn-and-Half 4
Dawnsong 5
Dawnsong-and-Half 6
Morntide 7
Morntide-and-Half 8
Midsong 9
Midsong-and-Half 10
Warmtide 11
Warmtide-and-Half 12
Evensong 13
Evensong-and-Half 14
Gloaming 15
Gloaming-and-Half 16

Months & Seasons

Snowreap January
Coldeve February
Wintersebb March
Morningthaw April
Solclaim May
Seedsow June
Leafdawning July
Verdantine August
Thistledown September
Harvestgain October
Leafcull November
Frostfell December


Name Day of Week
Firstday 1
Starday 2
Earthday 3
Moonsday 4
Elderday 5
Freeday 6

Time Divisions

Hours per day 16
Days per week 6
Days per month 30
Days per year 360
Weeks per month 5
Months per year 12


Timekeeping in Dereth refers to two separate and incompatible systems: the in-game map calendar and the rate at which events progress in the story of Asheron's Call as told through written lore material. The in-game calendar functions according to a 2 hour and 7 minute day, greatly exceeding the real-time clock, and typically displays dates in the hundreds of Portal Years which contradicts established dates in lore. Due the this incompatibility, the Asheron's Call development team "decided that for the purposes of the story, one month IRL equals one month in game."

Following the logic of real and game months being equivalent, this calculator retains most aspects of the real-life Gregorian calendar, with years divided into twelve months. The point of deviation occurs at the need to fit 30 days within every month and 360 days into a year, following the conventions of the Roulean calendar brought with the Isparians to Dereth. To achieve this, the calculator divides the days in the current real-world month by 30, stretching or shrinking each day uniformly across the month. These fractions of the month are then used as the basis to calculate the remaining Roulean time units: 5 weeks in a month, 6 days in a week, and 16 hours in a day. In addition, while units of time smaller than hours are referenced in lore, their quantities and divisons are unknown, thus they are omitted from this calculator.

The downside of this method is that the amount of time per day will vary throughout the year during months with greater or fewer than 30 days. As a result, this system does not attempt to be a fully functional calendar in its own right, but only serves to translate real-world moments of time into the Derethian vernacular.